Our Strategy

Your Business Is Our Focus

Strategic business success depends on a number of key factors. This is best summed up as the ability to reduce costs and increase revenue. By knowing when and how to implement technical solutions that is more superior compared to the competition is a key factor. Your business' success is our success. This is why we put the greatest emphasis on the end profitability of your business.

More than just a wholesaler of cabling and electrical products, we see ourselves as an innovator in the industry, and as a strategic partner to our dealers and end-users. The Originex business strategy addresses the critical factors that will help a business grow.

> Cost Effectiveness

Through our alliance with our principals, we have been able to leverage on their research and development efforts to bring to the Malaysian marketplace best-in-class products minus the exorbitant costs. The exponential growth trend of hardware and accessories particularly to information technology has resulted in much confusion as to what constitutes the optimum level of technology or investment required by individual businesses. By offering world-class products that allow for simple and convenient upgrading we help our customers reduce their investment costs thus enabling them to manage their expenses more effectively.

> Innovation

Our products are innovative and revolutionary because they help advance the information technology sector in the country and give our customers the competitive edge in the face of intense competition. The key to our success lies in the strength of our inventory, the relevance of our range of products in taking the information and communication technology further forward. We accept the responsibility of continually identifying new technological solutions to help businesses stay on top of the competition, and in diffusing knowledge to the general market place through the provision of training and awareness enhancement.

> Customer Relations

In a very competitive environment, success hinges on service. As product quality becomes increasingly difficult to tell from one another, the quality of service becomes a vital factor for business success. At Originex, we hold fast to the belief that ultimately, the quality of customer service is the most important factor that differentiates us from the competition.

> Our Key Strengths

We pride ourselves as being a friendly,helpful and reliable distributor. Our positioning comes from our philosophy that our customers' business is very much our own. What we want from our suppliers and principals, we offer no less to our customers. Since our establishment, we have placed the greatest emphasis on the following principles.

Quality Products

Customers can expect high quality, reliability, performance and good value for money with our range of products that ranges from electrical accessories to structured cabling systems. Our product choice is wide, and our prices, fair and reasonable. We also stand by the quality of our products through the offer of product warranties.

Quality Service

When it comes to service, we have three principles, simplicity of ordering, reliability of stock, and speed of delivery. An order can be simply made by phone, e-mail, or facsimile without fuss or hassle. Upon the confirmation of an order, customers can expect delivery on the same day or on the next, within a 24 hour time span. We deliver round the clock, 365 days a year, Malaysian holidays and festivals included, to meet the most urgent needs of the customer. As part of our service to the customer, we offer design and installation, consultancy, system certification training and maintenance. As official appointee of leading manufacturers, we draw on best practices from our worldwide experience to help you grow successfully.

Depth Of Knowledge

Getting the maximum return on the minimum investment requires intelligent optimization of your network's performance from the outset, a clearly defined upgradeable path, and scalable infrastructure growth. We have personnel to provide technical information on all our products. Our experts can help you effectively manage your system's needs.

Dedicated Personnel

Our chief asset is our personnel. They are experienced. They are friendly and courteous. They have one single mission - to provide customers with the best customer service there is. They will strive to ensure that your needs are attended to in the fastest manner and at optimal cost and time to customers.