Our Key Success Factor

Business is all about staying ahead in the marketplace. Originex was set up because its founders believed that they have the products and the business expertise that would help them to arm customers with the competitive edge they needed. Since its inception, the function of Originex had been evolving with the needs of its customers. Beyond the traditional buy-sell relationship, it has honed its competencies in all areas with a view to helping customers improve on efficiency and cost effectiveness, factors which can determine the survival of a business in today's increasingly competitive environment. Among the immediate plans is the development of a distribution network through which Originex can offer customers value added benefits beyond the products that it distributes.

> Integrated Supply And Logistic Services
  • At Originex, we realize that we have to continuously redefine our role as a distributor and our approach in order to differentiate ourselves from the competition. Tapping on our core competencies in product knowledge, inventory management, information systems and logistics we aim to be able to help customers improve profitability. The creation of a reliable and efficient supply chain network providing integrated supply and logistic services will help customers make improvements in costs, cycle time, customer service and performance leading to higher capital efficiency and profitability.
> Inventory Management
  • For a stocking distributor, the biggest tangible asset that it has is its inventory. Success is directly linked to inventory efficiency. Our experience in managing our inventory enables us to help our customers lower their acquisition costs, increase service levels and optimize performance. This can lead to customers having more time and resources to focus on core competencies, improve performance and profitability.
  • By maintaining the appropriate levels and types of inventory, we improve our reliability while minimizing the risk of shortage or excess for our contractors and dealers. The benefit they get in return is the saving on financial investment due to overstocking. Conversely, customers minimize variability on supply and avoid over-committing their financial resources.
> Logistics
  • An integral part of the distribution is logistics, referred to as the process of planning, and implementing the efficient flow of goods from the point of origin to the point of consumption. At Originex, we strive to achieve the optimal storage and flow of our products to the desired locations, on time, and in the most cost-effective manner. The benefits of optimum logistics is savings in time, effort and cost which can be put to good use by our customers to increase performance and profitability.
> Product Enhancement
  • Originex provides a variety of services to enhance and tailor the product to customers' specifications and installation requirements. Through such product enhancement, our customers get what they want, where and how they need them. Customers save time and cost. Insignificant as they may seem, such value added services add up top benefits and savings that are immeasurable for customers. Other benefits arising from product enhancement includes easier identification of products, lower installation cost and less material wastage.
> Deployment
  • Getting the right products at the right price is only part of the distributor's function. It means nothing if the customer does not get them in time or in the packing and location he wants them. The test of efficiency of a delivery process is whether or not a distributor can coordinate materials from various manufacturers and deliver them exactly to a customer's specification. Our experience in deploying a project eliminates costly production delays, lost installation time and unnecessary administrative and transactions costs
> Future Plan
  • Businesses need to constantly improve their processes to grow and maintain their competitive advantage. As a strategic supplier we are committed to helping our customers meet their goals by providing them with the means to realize savings in cost and time. In the pipeline is our e-Business feature aimed at providing customers the easiest access to information relating to pricing, inventory and delivery times. Such visibility of information will in turn enable customers to save time and costs while still increasing overall efficiency.